Where do I even start?

Girl chewing pencil on laptop

Do you ever have too much work to do that finding where to start is overwhelming?

I certainly do — right now, in fact. It’s as if everything that I’ve been planning for months has all been culminating into a big heap for me that I must work my way through now. But you know when you have so much to get done that it is difficult to know which small task to start off with? It is hard to tell what should be my biggest priority when they all seem equally big. And unfortunately, doing things for myself—going for a run or having an early night with a book—cannot be completed first.

I do have an affinity for to-do lists, but sometimes when I write down all the tasks that have to get done, the sheer size makes it seem impossible. That’s why I’m learning to break every task, every assignment, every bit of event planning, into even smaller tasks on my list. That way, a smaller 100 word goal feels more achievable, and the list quickly gets shorter... maybe I am tricking my brain into thinking I am getting more done? Also, and I’m sure this isn’t news to any student, my priorities are mainly chronological now, i.e. what is due first?

But with that in mind, it's still a challenge to get started when the amount of tasks leaves you unmotivated. The next few weeks, I'm going to force myself to get up earlier, and hopefully I can get it done.

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