Just a little treat 

An assortment of chocolate bars.

Why you should treat yourself. 

If you’re currently deciding whether you deserve a soft serve from McDonald’s after spending the morning on an assignment, revision or at an exam, let me be your voice of reason and say yes, you deserve it. Go get yourself a soft serve from McDonald’s. 

Like you, I sometimes get caught up in limbo: justifying why I should and at the same time, why I should not, be treating myself after a long day of labour (by labour I mean hanging around the law library trying to make sense of costs and legal professional privilege). 

Sometimes I’ll consult a friend and almost all the time, they’ll tell me to go treat myself. But even if it’s just me, I’ll end up making an argument in favour of a treat anyway, so off I go to the boba shop for a little hard-earned reward.  

I like treating myself, even if it’s to something small like a bar of chocolate for a seemingly simple task. I find that it boosts my morale and keeps me motivated to study because let’s be real, sometimes passion and drive can only go so far; everyone needs a little treat once in a while. Isn’t that why companies offer their staff bonuses and teachers give their students gold stars? 

If I’ve completed some major tasks like an assignment or group project, or achieve a good grade, I like to allow myself to spend on something a bit more significant. Maybe I’ll purchase that jacket I’ve been eyeing for ages or maybe I’ll treat myself to a hearty dinner out in the city. 

Treating myself to some snacks also keeps my energy on high throughout the day, so that I can power through my studies. So many times have I studied with an empty stomach and found myself having troubles focusing on my work. I end up wanting to crawl into bed more than anything.

If there’s one thing I’ll be advocating for is for you to get a little treat for yourself today. Studying is not an easy feat, so getting up to do that today is admirable. Remember that it's important to recognise your own efforts too! 

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