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Asking for help

A foggy landscape with a long, black road stretching far in the distance.

I had my first appointment with a psychologist in six years. Even after the mere hour, I left the building with a whole new perspective I could have never imagined for myself.

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Combatting demotivation

Young man in a green jumper on a leather couch using a remote controller

How do you shake that horridly sluggish feeling of not wanting to do what you set out to do?

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A dose of moderna

A syringe

I have officially had my first dose of Spikevax (Moderna). Yay! Getting vaccinated is another to-do item I have had to tick off my list and it was certainly weighing me down. 

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Celebrating the little things

Gold balloons spelling yay

Why did we ever make it a thing to exclusively hold celebrations for major successes or milestones in our lives?

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The home stretch

A bee stretches to the other side of a flower

I can find it hard motivating yourself with just a few weeks left of semester, but I’ve just got to keep swimming!

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Now I'm TOO Motivated

Life is cruel, so be careful what you wish for. Last week I felt a real lack of motivation. Now, I’m TOO motivated.

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