Tea time!

teapot with flower lemons and limes

Lately, I have been getting into drinking tea in the evenings and it has really left me with an appreciation for the tradition.

Green, chamomile, black or even earl grey if you’re feeling fancy. Whatever tea you drink, there is something to be said for just sitting outside during Spring and taking small sips of that liquid gold.

One of my favourites? Peppermint and liquorice. Sweet undertones with a fresh aftertaste, it is my go-to if I am ever feeling ick and like a detox.

Small tip from me, leaf tea is ALWAYS better so it is 100% ok to invest in a tea pot.

I am sure heading into exam times, that my days are going to be filled with a LOT of work. So, even just setting tea time in as a routine could give me a chance to just settle down and take a break from it all.

If you're really keen on trying out some tea time with other people at university, be sure to check out the Adelaide Tea Society’s Facebook page for some events!

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