Having a slow day

Woman doing a yoga pose.

A morning of yoga and de-stressing. 

After weeks of madly preparing for exams and final assignments, I figured I had to do something relaxing (and non-studious) to regain balance over my wellbeing. As if on cue, I got an email notification reminding me that the yoga session I signed up for a month ago is finally happening on Saturday. 

This might come as a shocker to Asirah from 4 weeks ago, but it actually made me feel good to start my day at 6am. I have never been more excited to get dressed while it was still dark out – the last time I felt that excited was 14 years ago when I woke up for my first day of school. I forgot how nice it was to watch the sun creep in from my bedroom window, but I think what made it even more enjoyable was the fact that I was actually relaxed in the moment. I gave myself that morning to unwind so I wasn’t ridden with guilt from “not doing something productive” (aka studying).

The rest of Adelaide was still sleeping when I got to Rundle Mall. Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you that the yoga session was held in the middle of Rundle Mall – like literally on the streets of Rundle Mall with over 400 other people. So, I didn’t know how to feel when I found out we had to set our yoga mats on the floor. Safe to say my slight germaphobia was challenged that morning but I managed to deal with it and that’s gotta say something about my perseverance, right?

We kicked off our session at 8am. I had only ever done yoga once before in my life and because yoga classes aren’t exactly something I can make way for in my budget at the moment, I never took the initiative to sign up for it. I have however seen people do it a handful of times, and thought it was an easy and peaceful exercise. It was easy for the first 10 minutes when all we did was breathwork and small stretches. My perception was dutifully changed after attempting (and failing) to do the extended side angle pose. The rest of the session had me struggling to catch my breath and my limbs shaking, I could literally feel my core burning. So, yoga is not an easy exercise. Noted. 

It was fun and fulfilling, nonetheless. I genuinely felt at peace throughout the session, especially when we were doing some stretches while on our backs and the rain started to drizzle a little. It was very much giving the “connecting with nature” vibe. At the end of the session, we were treated to heaps of goodies and free coffee from the organisers. I’m so glad I got to take a slow day for myself amid this finals chaos and to do something I don’t usually do, on top of that. 

I know it feels like we're constantly in a race against time during this period of the semester but it’s also important to re-group and look after yourself. This is the worst time to get burnout, trust me. So, try to take some time off, even if it means shutting down your laptop a little earlier tonight or dedicating a Sunday morning completely for mindfulness.

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