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A few techniques to feel less anxious

Someone writing in a journal while holding a cup of coffee

It is mental health month in October, so it is a great time to normalise and talk about feeling anxious.

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Talking to your parents about mental health 

A drawing of a parent and child on the pavement.

So, you want to be more honest with your parents about your mental and emotional wellbeing.

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Having a slow day

Woman doing a yoga pose.

A morning of yoga and de-stressing. 

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Photo of a plate of food, hands by the side lifting food from main plate to side plate

My lovely sister gifted me a voucher for one of the stylish, new restaurants in my neighbourhood.

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microphone with blurred image of seats in the distance

I’ve had a research project that I’ve been involved with now for two years. The homestretch is in sight and I was tasked with presenting the paper to the team prior to its release.

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Ph.D. guilt

photo of a boardwalk down to the beach with sea in the distance

I recently came across an old blog post written in 2014 by a Ph.D. student. The title was, ‘Ph.D. guilt and shame’. Even without fully reading the post, I felt as some of my experiences as a Ph.D. student were validated.

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Picnics at the park

A picnic set-up.

During my first few weeks in Adelaide, I was amazed by this thing that the locals seem to do.

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