Recovering from burnout 

Woman swimming in a body of water.

You and I know we need it. 

The mid-semester break for semester 2 cracks me up all the time because it does not live up to its name – for one, it’s never really a break because we still have assignments due this time around, and it’s also not in the middle of semester which means a lot of us were probably already so over it by week 6. 

But it’s still a break, so we should try our very best to treat it as such. With no classes for two weeks and a forecast of lovely weather, we wouldn’t want to burnout now, do we? Here’s what I’ll be doing to revitalise myself this break.

Slow mornings

Arguably the best part about uni break is being able to wake up late. No 9am classes for two weeks? Talk about heaven!

But what’s even better are the slow mornings. I don’t have to frantically get out of bed whenever my alarm goes off. I can treat myself to a couple hit snoozes and really take my time getting my day started.

I’ve been doing some low impact exercises while watching Ugly Betty. I’m also trying to get in the habit of sitting in the sun for a couple of minutes every morning without any distractions from my phone. I’ve been doing some crossword puzzles and reading newspapers – I’m practically living like a retiree but it’s really nice being able to sit with myself for a moment before diving into the assignments I have due soon. 

Go out!

Again, with all the assignments we have to do and the lectures we need to catch up on, I know it must feel like we don’t have any time to do anything nice, but I’ve been sparing an hour or two for a walk along the river or a movie at the cinemas – anything, as long as I’m outside. 

I think I’ll drop by the beach too. I’ve been cooped up in the city for too long. 


My room and my laptop have been in a state for the past 8 weeks, so I’m taking this break as an opportunity to clean them up. I have to start reorganising the study notes I have on my laptop and on my desks. Then, I’ll need to sort through my closet and decide what I should keep and what I should sell/donate. Oh, and my bookshelves needs some serious dusting too. 

I need a clean space to keep my stress at bay. 

I deserve a break and so do you. We know it’s only going to get more hectic once the semester resumes with finals right around the corner, so this is our one chance to unwind and reset. 

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