Hay fever rant (and a salad recipe)

Having hay fever is like attending a peculiar and unpredictable symphony of sneezes and sniffles, orchestrated by an invisible conductor called pollen.

It's an experience that many people can relate to, especially during the beautiful but allergy-ridden days of spring and early summer.

Act 1: The Tickle in the Nose

Imagine sitting in a room, minding your own business, when suddenly, you feel a tiny, ticklish sensation in your nose. It's like a gentle alarm, warning you that the sneeze-inducing maestro is about to take the stage. This is your cue to prepare for the upcoming performance.

Act 2: The Sneezing Overture

As the tickle intensifies, the first sneeze bursts forth like the opening notes of a grand symphony. It's a powerful, uncontrollable explosion of air from your lungs, accompanied by a loud "ACHOO!" that echoes through the room. This initial sneeze is often followed by a series of rapid-fire sneezes, each one competing to be louder and more dramatic than the last.

Act 3: The Watery Eyes

As the symphony continues, your eyes start to water. It's as if they've decided to join the orchestra, contributing their own notes to the performance. Tears stream down your cheeks, and you find yourself in a constant battle to keep your vision clear.

Act 4: The Itchy Palate and Throat

Meanwhile, the back of your throat and your palate begin to itch relentlessly. It feels as if a choir of tiny irritants is singing their heart out, trying to make you clear your throat or cough. You sip on water, but it provides only temporary relief.

Act 5: The Sniffles and Congestion

As the symphony reaches its climax, your nose joins in with a chorus of sniffles and congestion. You find yourself constantly reaching for tissues, trying to keep up with the ever-flowing river of mucus. Breathing becomes a challenge, and you long for the days of clear nasal passages.

Act 6: The Aftermath

Finally, as the pollen settles and the symphony comes to an end, you're left feeling drained and exhausted. Your sneezing fit has subsided, but you're now left with the aftermath – a runny nose, red and itchy eyes, and a lingering sense of discomfort.

Living with hay fever can be frustrating, but it's also a reminder of the changing seasons and the beauty of nature. Despite the sneezes and sniffles, there's something oddly poetic about being in tune with the world around you, even if that means occasionally getting caught up in a sneezing symphony directed by the whims of pollen.

Now let’s go and celebrate spring – perhaps indoors for me today. Here is an easy salad recipe (from Taste of Home) that I promised. It’s delicious and celebrates the colours of spring.

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