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Some air fryer fun

Cooked chicken wings on a grey plat with herbs

I finally tried the air fryer. 

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Eating enough vegetables

A box of vegetables

I know, I know... it sounds like something your parents would say, but I've been asking myself, am I eating enough vegetables? 

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Yoghurt pot with fruit

What’s your go-to snack? I usually reach for a banana or an apple when I’m peckish in between meals.

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Review - 'Eat what you watch'

pizza slice

“Eat What You Watch” is a brilliant cookbook for movie lovers written by American YouTuber, cookbook author, and celebrity chef Andrew Rea. This book was given to me by my mother for Christmas in order to inspire me to start cooking more. Did this work? Well, all I will say is that yes, I am more inspired since the recipe’s come from iconic food moments from classic movies we all know and love.

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Pasta and puff pastry

cooking pasta

It was a lot of work but also a lot of fun. It was great to try some homemade past and puff pastry sheets during the semester break.

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Of soup and the lasso way


Quite a few of my HDR friends are working through the uni break. A handful of us are working through the chapters of our thesis. I was feeling particularly stressed about all the unwritten chapters I still had to work on. I realised I needed a bit of a break so I organised a catch-up with a few of my peers. We were all keen to watch Ted Lasso (starring Jason Sudeikis) together and I made a big batch of soup for everyone.

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Breakfasts around the world

Breakfast brioche

Ahhhh winter’s here. Although I’m seriously missing the long summer days, winter has always allowed me this special time to re-discover the joys of a slower daily pace. The freezing early mornings are ironically a wonderful time to get the blood running with a workout. It means a late breakfast which tends to come in the form of a brunch. 

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What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is a form of traditional medicine in India that dates back to around 6,000 BCE and encompasses a range of ‘therapies’ that are now popular on a global scale. So, what exactly is Ayurveda and what benefits does it offer?

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Easter picnic and carrot cake adventures

Traditional carrot and walnut cake

I’m already missing the long weekend, what about you? It was glorious autumn weather and we truly had a lovely time with family and friends. I also now have enough chocolate to get me through winter (and my thesis writing)! 

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Student-friendly easy breakfast ideas

Berry smoothie

Okay, so I don’t like to admit it, but sometimes it’s easier for me to skip breakfast. It’s not great because it means I get hungrier at midday and tired earlier in the day. I’ve been working at carving enough time to have a decent breakfast because I know it will allow a good start to the day. It gives me the energy I need and a real boost to make sure I start the day right.

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