Student grocery hacks

A box of vegetables

You would have heard that the cost of living is on the rise, so I went around and asked some of you what your top tips are for cutting down on food costs.

  • Stick to a grocery list and especially for non-fresh items, try and use click and collect so you aren’t tempted to buy items that aren’t on your list.
  • If you’re a meat-eater, buy on special and freeze for future use.
  • Frozen berries and vegetables contain the same nutritional value and are cheaper than buying fresh.
  • Keep a separate budget for discretionary items like junk food and take-away, and decide on times when you can treat yourself with these.
  • Buy fresh food that’s in season.
  • Do not go shopping when you’re hungry.
  • Cheaper items are usually placed high up or down low on the shelves.
  • Compare unit prices for similar grocery items.
  • Avoid food waste by ensuring that you store your food properly at home.
  • Plan out your meals so you can potentially prepare them in bulk and freeze them. Here are some common and easy freezer-friendly meals:
    1. Creamy Bolognese pasta bake
    2. Roast pumpkin soup
    3. Curried sausages
    4. Chicken casserole
    5. Shepherd’s pie

Have you got any to add?

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