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Ramblings: small is beautiful

I will always be thankful to my baby daughter for making me a mother — not just any mom, but her mom. Her arrival in the world has not been the easiest for either of us, but most births are hard. I am just imagining the shock and the adjustment that she had to make coming into this world as compared to the world she was living in, which was a water world inside my womb. She very quickly had to learn how to breathe air and acclimatize to sensing the world outside the watery womb. Newborn babies need such great care, especially during the first weeks of life, but I have only just realized that so do new mothers. After all, during this time, babies are still very much dependent on them.

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Student grocery hacks

A box of vegetables

You would have heard that the cost of living is on the rise, so I went around and asked some of you what your top tips are for cutting down on food costs.

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Going out versus staying in

There is so much happening in town, and so every evening I am hit with a dilemma. Should I go out, or should I stay in?

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Am I a control freak?

This modern world may be a chaotic and combative environment, but I am calm and accommodating. Or so I thought.

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Check in on your 'strong' friends today

This week, one of the things that is messing with my head is what happened to Hannah Baxter.

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Getting Ahead (Revisited)

I made a commitment to get ahead last year, and I actually did it.

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Student Alert - Coronavirus

For the complete University response to the Coronavirus, please find more information here.

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New year, new life

She rose

For those who have been following my posts from last year, you would know that 2019 was an exceptionally challenging year, especially as I persisted through my Ph.D. journey.

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