Getting Ahead (Revisited)

Pencils and Todolists on desk.

Image accessed from Pixabay on 22 February 2020.

I made a commitment to get ahead last year, and I actually did it. The driving idea was that I have a finite amount of work to do, so I might as well get it out of the way as soon as possible. I'd be doing just as much work, but I'd be able to eliminate the stress I experienced worrying about deadlines.

I actually followed through with that plan, and it worked really well! I wasn't ahead in everything, but those things I did get one or two weeks ahead in felt more enjoyable. I had a buffer, so if something was too difficult to complete in one week I had a whole other week to sort it out. I didn't feel the constant stress of deadlines and falling behind.

One thing I was on top of was University study. I wrote out my notes each week (instead of leaving everything to SWOTVAC, as was my usual practice). When Swot came, I was able to be incredibly relaxed because I had essentially prepared everything I needed for exams already.

Thinking about how much better it made those activities, I feel motivated to start 2020 off strong and on top of my game. If I push myself now to get one week ahead of all the tasks I have to do, then life will be a lot easier for me when exam season comes.

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