Am I a control freak?

I like to think of myself as very easy-going. This modern world may be a chaotic and combative environment, but I am calm and accommodating. I am the embodiment of flexibility. Let others fight for power and control. I don't buy into that kind of thing. 

Or so I thought. I have recently been teased by others for being a 'control freak'. At first, I was shocked, but the more I thought about it, there might be some truth to the label. Here are a few of the tell-tale signs:

  • I like to be part of all decisions
  • I like my eggs cooked a particular way
  • I got into an argument with a friend recently about the best way to pack the car
  • I do my cleaning and tidying when no one else is around so I can arrange things my way
  • I once got a bad mark on a group assignment because I disagreed with the other group members so much that the essay read like a debate
  • I am the ‘Mum’ of my share house
  • I rarely trust others to do things for me in case they do it wrong
  • Whenever someone offers to make me a cup of tea I offer strict instructions for how to do it
  • It’s a real struggle for me to do activities like watching TV with another person

So I may have to drop the ‘easy-going’ façade. While none of these signs are extreme, I’m going to try to be a bit more aware of my own need to be in control of things all the time. In reality, I can’t control everything in my life. I might start with letting someone else cook me breakfast.

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