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Should we be stressing for finals?

A woman feeling stressed

I know exams = stress but does it have to really be that way?

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Are study groups for me?

A group of students studying together

If you had asked first-year me, she would’ve said no.

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Taking care of yourself this exam season

A group huddled together in a field watching the sunset.

With June a.k.a. finals season right around the corner, exam preparations and final assignment deadlines begin to consume our every being. 

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Experiencing Wayville

Rows of tables and chairs in exam hall

This semester was the first time I’ve ever sat for my exams in Wayville.

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This is a reminder...

Girl sitting crossed legged and breathing in a relaxed way

For all of you working hard to hand in your last assignments, and studying tirelessly for your last exams, this is a reminder for you to take a breather. 

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What a hectic week!

tiger drawing

My gosh, what a hectic week it’s been. Nothing crazy happened in particular but this week has felt like a vortex that kept pulling me in deeper and deeper into the void before I can even finish spelling ‘study schedule’.

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Mentally preparing for finals

A group of students studying together

It's time to prep our conscience for finals again. 

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Forgetting to eat

Girl chewing pencil on laptop

When I start to get really busy and stressed out I find it hard to remember to eat regularly.

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Exam shenanigans: challenges, proctoru and managing stress

Completing exam paper

Whether you have one exam, four, or undertaking an exam under the watchful eye of ProctorU – the exam stress is inevitable but there are coping strategies and your powerful ability to mitigate any undesirable emotions. Keep reading for my thoughts and advice!

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