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Everything you need to know about exams

A notebook and two pencils on a wooden table

I remember feeling very anxious for my first university exams last semester. And if you’re feeling the same way, just know you are not alone.

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Guide to taking exams with alternative arrangements

Assistive writing tech tablet

If you are a student who has an Access Plan or Alternative Exam Arrangements, gather around!

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Preparing for Wayville

Person answering an exam paper.

A mini guide to sitting for the exams in Wayville.

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Post-exam wellbeing 

A group of friends jumping in the snow

End scene. Now it's time for some TLC.

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Post-exam emptiness

A woman sitting on a boulder staring over mountains and valleys at sunset.

The long-awaited freedom is finally here!

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Staying connected in exam season

A library with a large window and floor-to-ceiling bookshelves.

Exam season can be such an isolating experience. I find myself sitting at my desk for hours with only my desk lamp and emotional support water bottle to keep me company.

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Speedy exam study tips

Person writing down notes on some papers.

So, we’re down to exams kicking off…

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Caught by surprise

Girl sitting on a pink suitcase in an airport

As someone that insists on doing everything according to my to-do list, a family emergency definitely wasn't what I had planned for in the middle of exam season.

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