Preparing for Wayville

Person answering an exam paper.

A mini guide to sitting for the exams in Wayville.

It’s so hard to comprehend that we’re already at the tail end of the semester. Time sure goes by fast when you’re swimming in assignments and lectures (and having fun, duh!). 

Soon, all of us will be flocking to Wayville to sit for the exams. While this may be routine for many of you, for first years and returning students, Wayville might be your first time. You might feel anxious about that but trust me, sitting for the exam in Wayville is no different than doing so at home or at uni. 

I actually like sitting for them in Wayville because it puts me in the zone, you know? Besides, the only difference is you’ll be doing your exam with students from other faculties and year-levels. 

But I thought I might share some of my Wayville tips with you, so you have an idea of what it would entail.  

Check your travel route and schedules the night before – Wayville is located in the South-Western suburbs, beyond the parklands. If you’re planning to drive there, be mindful of the traffic. Exams tend to start in the morning or afternoon, which are peak rush hours, so try to plan your route and time beforehand. For the public commuters like myself, check your bus/train schedules and stops the night before to avoid missing your commute and arriving late. 

Remember your IDs — Besides your stationeries, notes and textbooks (for the open book peeps), don’t forget to bring your IDs too (both student ID and photo IDs like passports or driving licences) because the invigilators will need it to verify your identity. To be safe, I would always chuck mine inside my stationery pouch.

Have your seat number ready – The exam hall in Wayville is huge and like I said, you will be sharing the space with students from other faculties too, so everyone is assigned a seat and seat number during the exam. To find yours go to MyAdelaide > Studies > Exam Timetable.

YouX Exam Rescue Station – Sometimes last minute whoopies just happen but don’t worry, YouX will have you covered. They will have a booth at the venue where you can borrow calculators, pens, rulers, etc. Even if you need some lollies to keep you awake during those 3-hour morning papers, they’ve got you covered on that too. 

Toilets and food – There will be restrooms at the venue and a café too, but for those of you sitting a weekend paper, check beforehand if it’ll be opened then. Otherwise, you can bring along your own food and eat at the various empty tables they have outside the hall. There’s also a Drakes and OTR across the road. 

Bag situation - There are lockers outside the hall but I've never used, nor have I seen anyway else using it. However, we are allowed to bring our bags in. We'll just have to put them on the floor next to us. 

If you’d like more information on the exam, checkout the university’s FAQ page here. Now that you have a gist of what sitting for the exams in Wayville is like, I reckon you’ll be just fine. All the best!

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