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The people-pleasing predicament

The desire to be liked and accepted is a universal human trait.

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Trying not to get swept up


Sometimes, the storm of negative feelings gets too strong. 

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Extra cash from de-cluttering (and extra clarity too)

In the bustling world of an HDR student balancing research, writing, social events, and casual jobs, it's easy to find ourselves drowning in a sea of chaos.

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The 30th of July was the International Day of Friendship.

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10-minute brain break

A woman laying on the steps of a building.

Now that winter is here I’ve noticed that I’ve been spending the great majority of all the days of the weeks this month, sitting down. It’s getting cold and instead of sitting down at a park with my laptop to work on my thesis, I’ve just been working at my desk, in the warm comfort of the indoors.

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Living deadline to deadline

Close up of someone's eyes

It’s that time of the year as we begin to tread the muddy waters of the final few teaching weeks. The mud is thick, and I surely can’t seem to move. 

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Harnessing confidence for the thesis

I’m in the countdown phase now – not quite close enough to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but the adrenaline is certainly pumping, and the fear and unease is palpable. This has to be over soon. I’ve finished all the empirical studies and now it’s tying it all together into the thesis.

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This one’s a really tough one I have to admit.

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