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Should we be stressing for finals?

A woman feeling stressed

I know exams = stress but does it have to really be that way?

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Background noise

A radio

Background noise is a great way that I de-stress. My favourite form of background noise... the Food Network!

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The tricky ticks of time

A tortoise in a field of grass with small white daisies

Something I've noticed the last few weeks is the malleability of time and how easily it changes with my headspace. It almost feels magical.

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On perfectionism

Open notebook with blank page and pen

I stumbled on this podcast episode recently from the Art of Charm. It was as if the universe was asking me to stop scrolling through podcast lists and just get on with writing my thesis.

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Phone call stress

A dial phone

Call me a millennial, a lazy youth of today or simply an awkward person but, I have never been very good at phone calls. For that reason, I can find them stressful.

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This is a reminder...

Girl sitting crossed legged and breathing in a relaxed way

For all of you working hard to hand in your last assignments, and studying tirelessly for your last exams, this is a reminder for you to take a breather. 

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Paying rent on time

A small wooden house, three stacks of coins and an alarm clock.

One of the things that I have found it hardest to adjust to when living independently is paying bills by myself.

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What a hectic week!

tiger drawing

My gosh, what a hectic week it’s been. Nothing crazy happened in particular but this week has felt like a vortex that kept pulling me in deeper and deeper into the void before I can even finish spelling ‘study schedule’.

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Forgetting to eat

Girl chewing pencil on laptop

When I start to get really busy and stressed out I find it hard to remember to eat regularly.

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Sustainability week

A sustainable earth

It's sustainability week on campus! And it is really comforting to have the presence of a sustainable culture around campus and online. 

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