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Nothing truly makes me more terrified than the prospect of sex talk with my doctor. The only thing that gives me confidence is the knowledge that sexual wellbeing is a really important and often neglected subject. (Author: Yasmine)

Doctors have always maintained a persona of fear in my subconscious mind. Largely because well, you don't really go to the doctor unless something bad has happened or something bad is about to happen in my experience.

And visiting them as an adult is even more terrifying. I don't know how to medicare! Also, why do I have to call them? Somebody please invent a service where you just text them please!

Anyway, this year i went in for a general checkup and my doctor sorta started to delve into the ‘sex stuff’. To be honest, I was pretty uncomfortable at first. But my doctor was an expert at making people feel more comfortable and that really made the whole thing 100x better.

There is a lot of stuff about our bodies that I definitely didn't get to learn throughout high school. Listening to her, I think I also realised how important it is to talk to a medical professional about any concerns or even questions you think might be a little weird. Google is definitely not my friend in this department. I also began to understand a bit more about just how important my sexual wellbeing is to my overall health. Our bodies are just little ecosystems and all things need a degree of balance.

In the end, she showed me a couple of different things about contraceptives (stuff I had never even heard of somehow?), annual health checkups and testing. Now, I can confidently say that even if I don’t know everything, I can be a bit more brave in the future and go talk to my doctor about sex stuff even when the whole idea of it weirds me out.

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