Adelaide’s hidden Japanese gem

Himeji Garden's lake and garden during sunlight

A photo I took at Himeji Garden (can you spot the two turtles?)

Adelaide’s Himeji Garden located in South Terrace is a whimsical daydream that I’m so glad I visited. Was I the only one who didn’t realise Adelaide had this garden?

On a glorious spring day, I took a study break trip down to Himeji Garden with a friend. As expected, the garden was beautiful and relaxing. We perched ourselves on some rocks and listened to the leaves move in the trees.

Adelaide's Himeji Garden was built to commemorate the Japanese city of Himeji, which became one of Adelaide's sister cities in 1982. This garden has on show a lake garden and a dry garden - and all for free!

I kept thinking to myself – what a great place to read a book, have a picnic or catch up on some studying. The atmosphere was so delightful and the nature was breathtaking. I also felt extraordinarily lucky spotting a duck family, turtles and koi fish! 

With Japan being so out of reach at the moment, a mini trip to this Japanese garden in Adelaide’s CBD felt like a getaway. I hope to go there more often and would highly recommend for a sunny afternoon! 

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