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Adelaide bucket list

Adelaide Rotunda

A few of my international student friends have recently graduated and are finishing up their time in Adelaide. Even though I’ve been living here for several years, I realised that there are still many things I’ve not seen or done in Adelaide.

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Adelaide’s hidden Japanese gem

Adelaide’s Himeji Garden located in South Terrace is a whimsical daydream that I’m so glad I visited. Was I the only one who didn’t realise Adelaide had this garden?

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Busy October in Adelaide

Halloween pumpkin

Adelaide is not boring, you just have to know where to look for all the fun stuff.

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Back to uni: sustainable eats recommendations

Group of friends sitting at table in restaurant

One of my favourite times on campus is grabbing lunch or having dinner with friends (after hustling a study session of course!). It’s something exciting to look forward to after a long day of lectures and classes. Keep reading for my sustainable eats recommendations for when you're on campus next!

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Van Gogh Alive: my thoughts and reflections

girl in the middle of van gogh exhibition

I attended the Van Gogh Alive Experience and I would highly recommend! I’ve always been a fan of his work. If you have a day available definitely visit the show – which is on until 1 August!

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Let's get artsy!

painted face image

I’ve always had a love for creativity and art, but I often feel swamped with other responsibilities and uni work! Holidays are the perfect time to get back in touch with art – whether that’s sketching in a café, painting with acrylics or attending a social art class. Check out my recommendations!

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Adelaide’s hidden jazz gem

Are you sick of the usual night out? Interested in jazz, art and good vibes? Keep reading for my experience at Adelaide’s most unique bar location.

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South Australia’s best kept secret

Do you appreciate the outdoors and fancy a road trip? I recently discovered an amazing location just an hour away from Adelaide’s CBD.

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Sustainable living: best eats in Adelaide

Local, sustainable and eco-friendly – these are key words that I look for when deciding where to eat. I recently had the pleasure of planning an on-campus event which highlighted Adelaide’s best sustainable eats!

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Swimming with the cuttlefish

A cuttledish swiming

Usually from late May or early June, cuttlefish season is just around the corner and, I am really eager to see these beautiful creatures.  

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