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My friends’ short stay in Adelaide the other day revealed different aspects of this city.

Living in Adelaide and just staying in the city during the semester, I realized how easy it was to forget the fascinating places that I could visit in this festival state. As I mentioned in the previous blog (Lessons from the first semester), my only regret in the last semester is that I was not able to travel around SA much.

I was, however, fortunate to be able to learn more about this city when some of my friends visited Adelaide the other day. Hanging out with them for a while, these are things that we did together:

  • Crabbing: Funnily enough, one of my friends' motivations for coming to Adelaide was to catch crabs. Although it is unknown if South Australia is the best destination for crabbing in Australia, as we followed his passion for crabbing, we went to Brighton Jetty. Unfortunately, we were not able to catch any crabs and my friend was disappointed. The next time I see crabs in the market, I will be able to appreciate the hard work it takes to catch them.
  • Beautiful beaches: Other than Brighton Jetty, we also visited several other beaches in Adelaide. My favourite was Tennyson Beach. We visited in the evening, and the sunset was bright orange. If my friends had not suggested going there, I wouldn’t have known about this beach.
  • Wineries: Although I was not able to visit this time because of other commitments, my friends told me that the wineries that they visited were nice. They liked the d'Arenberg Cube the most, as it thrilled them with the unique expression of art that reminded them of MONA in Tasmania. They shared some of the wines they purchased with me later, and it was fun to hear about their experiences.

Over the break, I am planning to visit The Barossa Valley as part of Discover Adelaide. Likewise, if you want to find places that you want to visit, I encourage you to join programs hosted by the university or ask your friends.

Hope you have a nice time travelling in SA!

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