Workout routines wanted

Working out what works out for your workout routine takes a lot of work! 

That is single-handedly the best sentence I’ve ever written in my years of writing. Honestly though, finding a workout routine that suits you is much like looking for skincare products that’ll work for your face – it takes a lot of trial and error. 
I’m in no way a workout expert. Very much the opposite actually considering the only constant workout I’ve ever done was walking from my apartment to the tram stop and around campus. The thing is I’ve been meaning to have a proper exercise routine for a while, especially now I’m spending a lot of my time sitting – sitting to read my textbooks, sitting in lecture halls, sitting to type out my notes. I feel like it’s going to take a toll on my health if I don’t act now and get my body moving.

I’ve tried several workout routines but I haven’t exactly settled on one yet. So, I’m going to be listing them out and hopefully by the end of this blog post I’ll be able to pick one.


I know I’m already walking a lot anyway but I don’t think I’m doing enough intentional workout walks. I actually got into it quite a bit at the start of 2020 when we were all desperate to get out of our houses and then slowly stopped by the end of 2021. I like it because I can put my earphones on, go at my own pace and discover the surrounding neighbourhoods – it just feels like I’m sightseeing to be honest. The only problem is, it’s not that fun to do in the summer when I feel like my skin is burning off the moment I step out. But now that I’ve moved to a place with a gym, I might be able to walk on the treadmill on hotter days.


Not going to lie, I gave Pilates a go just because I went through a Lululemon Range Rover Burnside mum and It girl supermodel phase (it was short-lived but, we don’t talk about that). Obviously, I didn’t actually sign up for a class because heaven knows I will not commit to it even if I paid for it so to YouTube I went!

I could feel the heat even after doing a 15-minute beginner’s workout but I think it’s pretty easy to rule this one out because I’m just not a huge fan of how slow we’re moving. My attention span definitely doesn't favour Pilates.

Just Dance

I saw someone on TikTok playing Just Dance as a workout routine and honestly, I was sold! I was a major Just Dance freak back in middle school – I even had a Just Dance competition for my birthday. So, it was only logical that this would be the best fit for me. And for a while it was but then it gets kind of boring going through the same rotation of choreography and songs every week. While it was great that I could do this without owning a Wii, it would be better if they had more selections in-store.

Adult Ballet

When I was a kid, I begged my parents to sign me up for ballet and they did but I only went for 2 classes before calling it quits. Now, at 21, I’m miserably trying to revive the potential ballerina in me with adult ballet classes. Again, while it was fun to pretend like I was Angelina Ballerina, the whole ordeal was a bit too slow for my liking so much like my 6-year-old self, I gave up after 2 sessions. I still enjoyed it though so perhaps I’ll give it another go some other time.

Those are the few workouts that I’ve had the pleasure of trying. I think I can sense a pattern here – I need something fast-paced and constantly changing. So maybe the best thing for me is to have a hybrid workout routine. Some days I’ll walk and some days I’ll dance.

What’s your go-to workout routine?

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