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Upskilling and the wonders of LinkedIn Learning

A laptop, coffee cup, sunglasses and notebook on a wooden table with hands hovering over the keyboard

Lately, I have been starting to feel like my skill acquisition was becoming a bit stagnant.

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Workout routines wanted

Workout equipments on a yoga mat.

Working out what works out for your workout routine takes a lot of work! 

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Such a thing as too much study?

stack of 5 notebooks in 2 piles with page divider ribbons hanging down

This semester marks my first since 2020 where I have taken on a normal full-time study load as opposed to overloading on topics.

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Using humour to cope - how far is too far?

A person going through their Twitter account.

In these past couple of weeks, we have heard the devastating news from the Ukraine – they have been invaded and brutally attacked by Russia.

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A is for academic validation

Grad cap lamps

I like to think that there are some serious parallels between academic validation and Regina George.

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Joys of a birthday

A guineapig wearing a party hat, with a cupcake and a present and confetti

It was my birthday yesterday but it ended looking a little different from what I had envisioned.

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Internship nerves

Working at a desk

No matter how much I am looking forward to an internship, I always get nervous before the big first day! 

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Remembering Ramadhan

A Quran next to a bowl of dates

It’ll be approximately one week until Muslims around the world, including myself, welcome the holy month of Ramadhan.

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Dressing for confidence

Pants on a rack

At really busy periods of the university year, I find myself slipping into sweatpants and sweaters, something I have noticed can have a big impact on my attitude towards my work and myself.

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Beginner's guide to skincare

Aloe Vera plant close up

Ah, the joy of skin. Don't you love waking up to your face having the biggest breakout of the decade and for no apparent reason?

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