Internship nerves

Working at a desk

No matter how much I am looking forward to an internship, I always get nervous before the big first day! 

Fitting in

As with anything, one of my biggest fears is fitting into the workplace. Every industry and work place seems to have a different culture, professional environment and workplace values. I have previously interned in organisations that are almost too professional and lack a healthy workplace environment. Comparatively, I have interned with organisations that I think absolutely nail the concept of a productive and social workplace. As I approach the start of another internship in my final year, I am somewhat anxious about what the workplace will be like and how or even if I will fit in. 

Imposter syndrome 

Sometimes when I think about starting an internship or even paid work, I feel a big burst of imposter syndrome. I question if I will be good enough or if I can handle and adapt to the position. Even when I am proud of the work I have produced, I worry that my seniors won't find it up to standard. To address this, I find that having the confidence to seek feedback, try again and look for examples from similar workplaces and industries helps me better understand the standard I want to achieve and the standard of the workplace. 

Lasting connections

While I hope to learn new skills, put what I have learnt in my degree to the test and try something new, I am also hoping to make lasting connections. This isn't just lasting professional connections but also friendships and trust networks that extend beyond the work place. Once again this ties into the workplace culture, my performance and how I fit in. I am confident that if I be myself, always be friendly and approachable and try my best, the experience will turn out for the best.

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