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Preparing for an internship

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There comes a time when one has to transition from student to intern whether that be for two weeks, a summer, or a semester. They're an inevitable part of student life, at least they seem to be lately, not just for work experience but also to get one’s foot in the door and to connect with industry players. 

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Navigating the internship environment

Navigating the work environment of a new internship can be daunting.

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Wellbeing in the workplace

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It is refreshing to see wellbeing prioritised in the workspace and it has got me thinking about how I look after my wellbeing...

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Internship nerves

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No matter how much I am looking forward to an internship, I always get nervous before the big first day! 

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Remote internships

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This semester I have started another internship and am a bit nervous about doing it remotely.

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The search for an internship

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As a requirement for my degree and during my final year, I need to find an arts internship. It's got me thinking about the work I want to do when I graduate.

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