The search for an internship

Working at a table

As a requirement for my degree and during my final year, I need to find an arts internship. It's got me thinking about the work I want to do when I graduate.

There are plenty of internships out there. I've thought about doing work for NGO's, start-ups, community work, government work and in the private sector. However, I can only choose one internship.

Of the internships that I have applied for and enquired about, I have realised that I am drawn to internships that have a practical component and relate to my media studies. Quite often these seem to be cross-disciplinary involving experience from marketing, writing, communication, social media and a broad range of skills. The need for a broad range of skills is very much reflective of the world we live in. In many ways it can be tiring but it can also be very exciting. 

One thing that I am very hopeful about is undertaking an internship in a workplace that has good workplace culture. I think it is just as much about the people you work with as it is about the work you do. With all that being said, I am trying not to have unrealistic expectations. 

As I often scan career hub daily, I am always looking for new and exciting opportunities. I am hoping that my internship will be an exciting new chapter and provide me with a new direction in life. 

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