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Unrewarding volunteering

film camera

Last  month, I volunteered for a gig and found myself facing the challenge of a rude and unappreciative employer.

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Remote internships

Suited person in an office sitting at a desk looking at a computer screen

This semester I have started another internship and am a bit nervous about doing it remotely.

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Getting into the festival season

girls laughing at a table - image

It is that time of year again and I am so keen for the 'Mad March' season!

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Confessions of an introvert

The words "Busy Introverting" on a coffee mug.

Confession #1: I am not an introvert.

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Of regrets

This week, something reminded me of a crush I had when I was a Master’s student (more than a decade ago, gasp).

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Angry woman raises arms in frustration.

I am a self-confessed workaholic but during uni, I often find myself overloading and reaching my breaking point.

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Torn and scrunched papers

My most recent catch-up with my supervisors didn’t go as they usually do. For the first time in my candidature, I felt quite disappointed with myself.

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Hiking in Waite

Me, on the Waite Conservation Reserve swing.

Time to channel the long lost hiker in me.

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Being comfortable with doing nothing

Sitting on a jetty

I have noticed that I am finding it increasingly difficult to just sit and be.

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Graduate applications - one step at a time

A variety of resumes being perused by employers

This year, I am going to be faced with the reality of applying for graduate positions and am working out some strategies to manage it all.

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