Getting into the festival season

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It is that time of year again and I am so keen for the 'Mad March' season!

You can find comedy, music, good food, burlesque and all things wonderful at the Fringe, and I have really been diving into some of the events. As a student it can be pretty difficult financially to really get involved in the festival season but this year I am finding it a bit more accessible. Best thing is, the Garden and Gluttony are so close to the campus that you can finish up class, head to the Unibar for some drinks and a meal then head on down to an event. It really is a great way to balance out a work or study day.

Some of my favourite events so far have been the Welcome to Country and launch of the new Fringe Reconciliation Action Plan at Victoria Square, the stand-up comedians such as Randy Feltface, and of course the buskers all along Rundle St, from the Banana Man to the Circus Firemen.

But Fringe is not the only festival causing a buzz, if you're a student on a budget and interested in literature, the Writer's Festival is coming up and all talks are free! Some of the people I am most keen to see are Kevin Rudd and Malcolm Turnball, both ex-prime ministers of Australia and Bruce Pascoe, a First Nations author and acitivist and Grace Tame, our Australian of the Year for 2021. There are theatre shows and concerts on too for WOMAdelaide, just near the Botanic Gardens right next to the University on North Terrace. 

These events bring a bit of atmosphere into Adelaide and definitely make life as a uni student a bit more exciting than usual so I 100% recommend checking out some things if you're new to Adelaide..... or even if you aren't!

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