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Beach picnic weather

Yes, it is still a tad bit too cold to go into the ocean, but how gorgeous have these Spring days been? My friends and I could not help but spend our lunch break at Glenelg Beach (the tram makes it oh so easy)! We grabbed a yiros from Jetty Road, sat in a shady spot on the grass, and enjoyed this time together. Safety should always be a top priority when enjoying the beach. Here's how to ensure a safe day under the sun:

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Let me recharge!

A pile of coloured batteries.

I love seeing friends, I love talking to people, and for the most part, I love being social. But sometimes I need to sit back and charge my own battery.

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Saying no

friends walking on the beack

I’ve only recently watched the Friends Reunion. It’s a show I literally have seen so many times over they years but I never tire of.

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Making friends in random spots

A group of friends posing in front of a cable car ride

Friendships can be forged in the most unexpected situations and places sometimes.

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Making friends as an international student

Friends written with Scribble blocks

With another round of the semester coming up, it’s that time of the year again to summon our best social-selves and get acquainted with our new classmates.

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Brunch club

blogpic - pixabay - french toast

I don’t know about you, but I have this tendency of going into a kind of hibernation during winter. It’s not a hibernation where I spend the winter sleeping (I wish) but instead a kind of unconscious retreating. In the past I’ve noticed that this period is spent doing more deep thinking and reflective work. Maybe it’s the longer nights and the chilly weather which controls this. 

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Reflecting on friendship

A pile of letters with black calligraphy writing.

It is important to tell your friends exactly what you love about them.

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Being a better initiator

Woman looking at her phone confusedly

I love my friends, but I'm never the one to initiate the plans. I've been trying to think of some ways that could make being a better initiator easier for me…

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Small ways to support friends

Group of people doing a joined high-five

Taking care of ourselves should be among our top priorities, and checking in on our friends can also be pretty important. But sometimes it's hard to know if anything we've done was helpful to them in any way at all.

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