Remote internships

Suited person in an office sitting at a desk looking at a computer screen

This semester I have started another internship and am a bit nervous about doing it remotely.

A somewhat frustrating but understandable part of most degrees is the requirement for an internship. While I have already done one previously, I need to complete another for my other degree (cries in doing a double degree). So, this semester I am working with Indigenous Education and Boarding Australia on their new What Works? campaign, which is super interesting and fulfilling work. But having already done an internship face-to-face and enjoying the office structure, I am a bit nervous about managing the remote aspects of the new internship.

I think some experience with learning online is pretty transferrable so I know I need to work on scheduling zoom calls, reserving time in my life for just getting the work done and creating an environment where I can work from at home. It's just not that easy though, is it? I really want to work on my time management, especially when I have so much on my plate (see my post on overloading for more context) so I think it is ok to splash out a little bit on getting some post it notes, organising folders and calendar to really help me keep on top of things. Not that I really need much of an excuse to go stationery shopping. 

Well, here is to making it work and taking the opportunity to delve into some exciting things from the comfort of home.

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