Another fringe season

Festival confetti in the air above a crowd of hands

And just like that, the Fringe is over!

Literally weeks of events, shows, street life, busking and festivities and it has finally come to a close for another year. Oddly, this has been my most active and engaged Fringe to date. Normally, I see a couple of shows with some friends and maybe grab a bite to eat and that’s it. Only this year, I have been working at the Fringe and as a result have seen over ten shows and found myself out and about in the festivities almost every night.

It has been tiring but fun!

I always think, how can a festival keep up and running, let alone engaging for that matter, for over a month? I am always surprised. The Fringe dishes up something new every week and goes for so long that half of Adelaide sift through its doors.

Favourite show?

As always, I love the comedy at the Fringe and I have seen some of the best comedians in Australia and the world. Some stand outs for me were the hilarious Lori Bell and the Shad and Pete Save the World show. I found Lori’s show interesting, unique, educational and so funny and upfront it couldn’t help but draw people in. On the other hand, Shad and Pete Save the World was an on-the-fly show that saw two ‘characters’ with a microphone solving people problems and doing what they do best - telling jokes and sharing banter. They weren't the biggest comedy gigs during the Fringe but I found they had the most character and were a gem amongst all the comedy!

Until next year

All in all, I can’t help but feel a bit nostalgic and sad the festival season has come to a close. However, there is also a part of me that secretly feels relieved the city will quiet down again and I can get back into the swing of a normal schedule. So adios Fringe, until 2023 (which already feels like a weird thing to say). 

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