Immunocompromised in a pandemic

Person wearing a COVID mask walking down a darkened street with lights in the background

This week has certainly fuelled my pandemic anxiety with the massive spike in cases. As someone who is immunocompromised, I've had to change plans and do things a bit differently this week.

Author: Taylor

Speaking on behalf of any of your immunocompromised buddies, here are some things that we would like you to know:

Stop asking if hospitalisations are caused by existing health conditions. Granted, most of these comments online are from the people who probably think the pandemic is a conspiracy. Nevertheless, to dismiss any severe cases of COVID because a person has another health condition makes us feel even more stressed, and ultimately like we don’t matter.

Do not assume we are causing the spread. If anything, most of us have been pretty prepared our whole lives as we have learnt to be diligent with our health. I have carried around a bottle of sanitiser with me for my whole life, so none of this is new to me. This seems to be a myth circulating around the Internet which is obviously false.

We are not trying to offend you by cancelling plans. We must have an extra level of caution right now, and this often means we have to say no to anything non-compulsory. But that doesn’t mean we want to! I’ve particularly missed out on socialising with my friends and video calling is never enough.

Check in on us! We miss you and we are just as scared as everyone else so be sure to reach out.

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