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Unrewarding volunteering

film camera

Last  month, I volunteered for a gig and found myself facing the challenge of a rude and unappreciative employer.

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Dressing for confidence

Pants on a rack

At really busy periods of the university year, I find myself slipping into sweatpants and sweaters, something I have noticed can have a big impact on my attitude towards my work and myself.

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The search for an internship

Working at a table

As a requirement for my degree and during my final year, I need to find an arts internship. It's got me thinking about the work I want to do when I graduate.

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Final year worries

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This year I am heading back into my studies with renewed vigour but also a few anxieties.

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Self-doubt & graduate work

A laptop, notepad and phone

Even though I haven't finished my degree, I am already worrying about the prospect of finding a full time job and being able to succeed. 

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The internship 2: I got the job!

Photo by <a href="">Avel Chuklanov</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a>

As some of you may know, if you've read my first 'The Internship" blog post, I have had the amazing opportunity to be apart of the Career Trackers program. If you haven't read my first blog I'll fill you in anyway...

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Great workspaces of Adelaide continued!

I have long been looking for many and various places to study or work, from cafes to public libraries.

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Lessons learned by marking

I have spent the last two or so weeks marking undergraduate politics essays.

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Is Uber fair?

It’s undeniable that Uber and other driver services have become an increasingly used mode of transport since it’s founding in 2009.

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Supporting an over-worked partner

My boyfriend, undertaking his intern year as a doctor, has spent the last four weeks or so on a particularly gruelling and unforgiving rotation.

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