Dressing for confidence

Pants on a rack

At really busy periods of the university year, I find myself slipping into sweatpants and sweaters, something I have noticed can have a big impact on my attitude towards my work and myself.

I am someone who really enjoys things being ordered and neat. But it is pretty hard to maintain that when you are overwhelmed with work and everything else life throws at you. This becomes reflected in my messy room, my disorganised notes and my clothing. I start to re-wear clothes without washing them, I opt for trackies instead of jeans and t-shirts instead of buttoned shirts. While I completely understand the value of comfort and practicality, there is something to be said for putting on a crisp, clean, nice outfit in the morning that just makes me feel match-ready.

Taking a little extra time in the morning before heading into uni or even laying out an outfit the night before has really helped to give me a confidence boost – particularly helpful if I have an exam that day! I've noticed that when I don’t value my own appearance, I start to devalue my work. I feel less interested, capable and in-control of my life. I am yet to test it but it feels like my productivity increases as well.

It is quite a simple little thing really and definitely not a fix all kinda thing, but wearing good clothes makes me feel on top of everything and can make my mood 100% more positive.

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