Upskilling and the wonders of LinkedIn Learning

A laptop, coffee cup, sunglasses and notebook on a wooden table with hands hovering over the keyboard

Lately, I have been starting to feel like my skill acquisition was becoming a bit stagnant.

I found that in my job I was doing similar tasks again and again but not changing or expanding my understanding. I wanted to learn new things, explore new skills and put myself out of my comfort zone. 

But I didn’t really know how? 

*Cue weird infomercial about how LinkedIn Learning changed my life* 

Joking, it didn’t! I promise! I think there are all sorts of platforms like LinkedIn Learning that work just as well or even better. Things like YouTube, Masterclass, TED etc. But as students at Adelaide Uni, we get LinkedIn for free. 

And free is good. Anyway, my experience of the Learning platform on LinkedIn has been pretty positive, they have a great online format which supports learning through video tutorials, online quizzes, workshops etc.  

I found actually that I really struggled with their longer courses and definitely prefer shorter informational ones like ‘how to do formulas in Excel’ versus ‘everything you can possibly learn about Excel in 5 hours’. 

I think it is super easy to forget at university that it is good to constantly be looking for ways not just to make yourself more employable but also to engage you in interests outside of what you study. A lot of my photography knowledge has been enhanced by LinkedIn Learning and YouTube tutorials for example. 

So instead of flipping through things like Instagram in the evenings, I have been really trying to do even just ten minutes of learning online to get my mind working and curiosity going. 

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