A much needed semester break

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The final hump of the semester is over.

Now that I have finished my final assignments, my internship and all the other odd jobs that needed doing, I am thinking about what to do during the short, but much needed, semester break. This semester, I have found it challenging, as always, to keep up daily physical exercise as the weather gets colder. This is one of the reasons I would like to do something physical during the break. Whether that be a beach trip or nature hike, I’m keen to get outside.  

Although it sounds lazy, I think I just want a few days to recharge. I have found this semester to be the most challenging semester during my entire degree. The cost of living has gone up, I have really struggled with accommodation during the high rental demand, I’ve had the biggest workload from my classes, had another internship and all-in-all it has been draining. Despite this, I’m hoping to set up some wellbeing routines during the semester break and help myself re-establish some healthy habits.

Three really key wellbeing habits I want to get back on top of are my sleep, exercise and mindfulness. As usual, my sleep patterns have been all over the place. I have recently had mornings when I have been awake at 5am and mornings when I haven’t been out of bed until 11am. Although it definitely gets harder during winter, I would like to get up around 6-7am consistently.

The most challenging part of a sleep schedule is making it a schedule. It takes time. I need to commit to going to bed and getting up at a certain time regularly which is especially challenging during the semester. It is the same as my exercise habits. When winter comes around and I get busier and busier, my exercise routine can go out the window.

What has been strange this semester is my lack of mindfulness. I have found myself living less and less in the moment. I have been feeling more anxious about the future and less connected from some communities. With all this in mind, I am definitely going to visit with family interstate and reconnect. I also want to take up more reading, get outside more and have a good try at meditating regularly during the semester break.

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