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This is me trying

A reflection of someone's eyes on a shard of mirror

Grieving the girl I once was. 

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Fitting the stereotype

A young woman holding a mirror shard showing part of her face

Recently, I wrote about not feeling physically 'ill enough to rest' and it led me to think about times I've thought I'm not mentally 'ill enough for help'.

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Tips for better PowerPoints

finger with a face image drawn on it, various symbols in the background with a blue speech bubble next to the finger

It’s been a while since I’ve had to do a presentation, and now that people are starting to really come back to campus, I wanted to properly prepare for a hybrid audience – with some physically in the room and the rest accessing the presentation virtually.

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Work desk essentials

Photo of a hand with a pen, writing on a pad on a desk

Shared working spaces seem to be more common on campus. It makes sense though.

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Speaking up in class

A university lecture room filled with students.

Sometimes, speaking up in your uni tutorial is stressful. 

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Writer’s block

blogpic-pixabay-blank journal- pen

Sometimes what helps me get over writer’s block is writing in a different place.

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(Don't) wait for it

Young woman sitting pensively with her head resting on her hand

As much as I love Hamilton, I can't say Aaron Burr gives the best advice.

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Budget, budget, budget

A calculator, pen, and folders sit on top of a pile of papers.

Uni students have to navigate their finances, sometimes without much prior knowledge.

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Review: Stephen King's On Writing

A pile of old books with a teacup perched on top.

I have never really been into non-fictional books but after trying out Stephen King's On Writing, I think I would like to give it a go.

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Preparing for next semester

Coloured highlights and sticky notes next to an open notebook on a table

It's never too early to start prepping for what's next!

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