Speaking up in class

A university lecture room filled with students.

Sometimes, speaking up in your uni tutorial is stressful. 

I don't love to share my thoughts in class. This is probably derivative of a combination of factors: that I prefer to only talk when I'm 100% certain about something; that sometimes my social anxiety will flare up; and that sometimes, some people honestly make it a stressful environment to do so.

We have all had people in our class who love the sound of their own voice. And we certainly have all had that person in our class who loves to share their, frankly, quite problematic, points of view. They also are usually stubborn to educating themselves from other people. It makes it tougher for the quieter and shyer students to feel that their arguments are valid.

Though of course, this is completely false. I have learnt that tutors often prefer students to speak up, even if they are uncertain if their view or answer is correct. 

As strange as it may sound, I am realising there is much to learn from this type of student. Of course, don't be inspired by their knack to talk over quieter people, but by their desire to share their thoughts. I have found that when I actually talk more in class, I am engaging more in the content since I am learning to articulate my views. These tutorials are often the most rewarding for me.

So perhaps take a note out of their book! Try to share your voice in class next tutorial, because it is truly valued.

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