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Speaking up in class

A university lecture room filled with students.

Sometimes, speaking up in your uni tutorial is stressful. 

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Dealing with changes

A person is moving boxes and a washing machine on an apartment balcony

This year has brought with it a series of changes for me: new job, moving house, and reaching the end of my studies.

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Caught by surprise

Girl sitting on a pink suitcase in an airport

As someone that insists on doing everything according to my to-do list, a family emergency definitely wasn't what I had planned for in the middle of exam season.

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End of semester care

A laptop and other desk decor sits on a wooden desktop.

Finally, the anticipated end of semester is near.

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Guilty pleasures?

A laptop sits on a bed, with Netflix open.

When we indulge in something that we think we shouldn't, we call it a 'guilty pleasure'. But should we be feeling guilty about something we enjoy?

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How to reward yourself after exams

Young adult man throwing papers into the air

Need some motivation during the exam season? Well, maybe these ideas can give you something to look forward to once you're done and dusted for the semester.

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