End of semester care

A laptop and other desk decor sits on a wooden desktop.

Finally, the anticipated end of semester is near.

The perfect time for us to take a break from our studies. But also, this break is a great opportunity to prepare for the next semester.

This is my final year of uni, so I have many a semester which wraps up franticly, only for the next semester to come around with me feeling totally unprepared. As counterintuitive as it may seem for some, there are some ways to prepare for your upcoming semester during the break which will actually make you less stressed.

  1. Declutter your workspace. If you have your desk and bedroom all tidy for the next semester, then you won't have to dwell on that when the first week comes back.
  2. And declutter your virtual workspace. For me, the dream of neatly arranging all tutorial notes and essay drafts into topic folders get dismissed when it is peak assignment time. Everything gets saved everywhere. Hence, the break is the best opportunity to sort out your computer. Plan ahead by creating folders for your next semester's courses.
  3. Prepare for the semester. Often, we have enjoyed our break so much that we forget to get sorted for our next classes. I like to learn my timetable, assessment regime, and any first week homework that needs to be completed prior to the first day. That way, I can fully relax during the break without the anxiety that I have no clue what waits ahead of me.
  4. Get ahead of your content. Without actually studying yet, it is good to glance over at what content will be studied. There are still tasks you can do that might not feel like study. For instance, I like to get ahead on reading the assigned books for my English topics, because that doesn't feel like a chore! 

Enjoy your end of semester, and don't forget to give your next one a little bit of care.

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