Long term relationships

Holding hands up in the shape of a love heart

After four years, I sometimes worry about taking my partner for granted, leaving me wondering what are some ways I can show my appreciation for everything he is and does.

I have really enjoyed the recent wave of information and interest in the idea of love languages. I think it has helped me understand my relationship far better, just because I appreciate certain things or want to show my appreciation in certain ways doesn’t mean that’s how my partner does. While I appreciate physical touch and like to surprise my partner with little gifts, I have learnt over the years that he doesn’t like public affection and shows his care through quality time. 

I do sometimes worry that with the stresses of university and work and life in general, it’s easy to start working against each other rather than with.

My partner exasperates me, he amazes me, he frustrates me, he challenges me. The most wonderful part of growing with another human is the fact that you are well…both human. And coexisting positively takes effort and commitment. All too often, a bad 5 mins can ruin the rest of your day.

Every time I am away from my partner I am struck by how much it means to me; our rants together and times where we just sit in comfort with each other. So once again, travelling away from him, I know I am going to squeeze him a little tighter when I see him again and give him a good ol competitive hip bump when stacking the dishwasher. 

Because it’s the everyday things that show the greatest appreciation for us. And there is nothing that makes me happier. Except maybe the food he makes. That is pretty good too. 

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