How to reward yourself after exams

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Need some motivation during the exam season? Well, maybe these ideas can give you something to look forward to once you're done and dusted for the semester.

As soon as we're in exam season, we can't wait to get out of it! The freedom is so close we can smell it! As much as I enjoy fantasizing about all the things I get to do once I have all this time to myself, the time comes and I can feel at a loss for what I should and could do…

Maybe these will inspire you to do something different this upcoming break!

A nice get-together: Your friends and classmates will be feeling the same way you do right now. What better way to let off the stresses of the semester than doing it together with a fun games night or day outing?

Go on a mini vay-cay: My friend and I will be travelling to Sydney for a weekend after exams are over. We're giving ourselves full permission to go to as many cafes as we want, do all the shopping we want, and take as many instagrammable photos as we can!

Buy something expensive: I'll usually set my eyes on something that's a bit boujee at the start of the semester. It keeps my motivation up through the months, and it lets me not feel guilty about putting some money towards something that rewards my hard work. For me, I'll be building a new PC this break!

Reconnect with your hobbies: The student lifestyle can keep me from my hobbies for months on end. I'm really looking forward to delving back into some gaming, revisiting my embroidery and getting back into the books I started months ago. I also want to try the infinite number of recipes I've saved on Pinterest that I've never gotten around to!

Do nothing, plan nothing: Sometimes the best reward is just letting yourself be. The school life demands routine, planning, scheduling, budgeting, and it's exhausting. It's time to take a break from that pressure of looking ahead and planning everything to a T, and let yourself enjoy a bit of spontaneity and going with the flow ~

Reflect on your success: When the time comes where there's nothing left to do, it can be easy to forget everything you've done this semester. Or perhaps you feel you didn't do very well in your grades. School is a difficult journey, and we must remind ourselves of our victories and achievements - there has to be something you're proud of in the last five months! Reflect and be proud of them.

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