Preparing for next semester

Coloured highlights and sticky notes next to an open notebook on a table

It's never too early to start prepping for what's next!

Yes, yes, I know that you've just started enjoying your freedom after the first semester's exams. But we all know how quickly this break is gonna pass us by, and before we know it we'll be thrown into our next lot of courses without remembering a single thing we learned!

To make sure you're feeling ready to tackle the second half of the year head on with a fresh take on study, here's some basic lead-up preparation you can do before the end of July!

Be deliberate with your new timetable

I like to pick and choose my classes that'll let me cleanly divide what weekdays are for study, my part-time work and relaxing. Everyone's study-work-life routine will be different, but have a good think about what class times will suit you and your other commitments best. A stable routine makes for a stable mind!

Review old notes and feedback

When I submit an assignment, that's the last time I'll ever lay my eyes upon it. I always want to forget about what I've submitted. I never pay attention to the feedback I get on them, but they could actually be a massive help to me. It also really pays to have a refresher on what content you already know before having to apply that same content to your new courses. You might feel like you're drowning in the first week, otherwise!

Look ahead for future assignments

Do what you can to be caught off guard as little as possible in the new semester! Make note of key dates in your calendar of important assignments or exams you'll have coming up in your new courses. If they're always in the back of your mind, you might find you'll take notes a different way to revise better, or just take a whole different approach to the semester altogether!

Study space refresh

Spice up your desk! Get some funky tabletop buddies, or maybe a couple of new prints for the wall! It's likely you've had the same-looking study area for the first half of the year. Changing it up is a great way to start on a clean slate for the rest of it! Forget the assignments you didn't do so well on and the grades that weren't as high as you'd hoped - refresh and restart! Make it a space to look forward to being in.

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