Work desk essentials

Photo of a hand with a pen, writing on a pad on a desk

Shared working spaces seem to be more common on campus. It makes sense though.

I personally try and break up my day by splitting the time I am working in the Ph.D. office with finding study nooks in different areas on campus. I really like the Reading Room in the Barr Smith Library. There are also many times I prefer the buzz of working in the Hub when I need some busy background noise.  

Given that most of us ‘hotdesk’ when we’re on campus, what are the essential things you lay out on the table when you’re working on campus? Here are the must-haves I take along with me:

  • Laptop. I guess you’d consider that a given but it’s a must-have on my hot-desk work desk because my background photo is basically a collage of the reasons I want to finish my degree.
  • Hand sanitiser and hand balm. This one’s another given these days, but I find that the hand balm is equally essential. My hands so quickly dry out with all the handwashing we need to do but also because of the wintry weather. Choosing an indulgent hand cream with a lovely scent adds a bit of loveliness while working too.
  • A drink can and snack box tin. Hydration and healthy snacking are something I forget to do if I don’t have these in my bag, so it’s really a must on my desk as a visual reminder to take breaks.
  • Mascara and cheek tint. Video calls and meetings sometimes happen without notice and a bit of a touch-up really helps keep you feeling confident while speaking to both peers and colleagues.

Oh, and I shouldn’t forget chargers for my laptop and phone, of course. What are the essentials on your work desk?

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