Hot Girl Walk

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Walking: but make it glamourous. 

If you’ve been on the internet as much as I have (which is a lot, I should consider investing that same amount of time in my studies), you would have taken notice of the hot girl walk trend which I believe is an extension of the hot girl summer trend. 

Now I know you’re probably like, “Asirah, we’re in the middle of winter, why on earth would we care about a summer trend?”. Well, dear reader, it’s because I think hot girl walks could be and should be an all-year-round thing. 

To preface, the hot girl walk is literally just a glorified way of saying you’re going on a stroll except you’ve got your earphones/headphones on playing an upbeat playlist or a podcast. It’s nothing new, the old aunties and uncles back home have been doing it before TikTok claimed it as their own.

But I’m not complaining. If there’s one fitness trend we should encourage, it’s probably this one. It began when TikTok user, Mia (@exactlyliketheothergirls) shared her walking routine which consisted of going on walks for a couple of miles just to get out of the house. 

It's not obsessing over losing weight; it’s about taking a moment to go outside and clear your thoughts. We’ve done it for many generations. Pulling yourself away from something that’s causing you stress to recollect yourself can help you gain a better perspective of the issue at hand. So, you can make better decisions, etc, etc. 

Not only is it good for your mental health but walking obviously offers a number of physical health benefits too like warding off cardiovascular diseases, strengthening your muscles, and supporting your joints amongst other things. It’s also very accessible – financially – because the only thing you need to kick start your hot girl walk is a walkway. You don’t have to worry about committing to and paying for a gym membership because you can literally just go on a walk around your neighbourhood, the park, the beach, up the hills and anywhere else so long as you’re not in the middle of the highway. I think this is the biggest win for uni students like myself.

I’ve been going on a couple of hot girl walks too these past few weeks and I honestly feel like it’s been very helpful at keeping my anxiety and stress from finals at bay. Lately, though, I’ve swapped the outdoors for my accommodation’s treadmill because the weather has been a bit unpredictable, and getting soaked in the rain isn’t exactly on my bucket list at the moment. Otherwise, I would go on a walk around my neighbourhood or to the city for an hour – if not every other day, I’ll make sure to get my steps in on the weekends at least. 

If you’ve gotten bored of the same loop around your local park, check out the walking guides they have on WalkingSA and City of Adelaide’s website. If you’re looking to socialise while you’re at it, maybe join a walking club. Have a good hot girl walk!

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