Such a thing as too much study?

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This semester marks my first since 2020 where I have taken on a normal full-time study load as opposed to overloading on topics.

Author: Taylor

When you tell someone that you’re overloading, their first reaction is disgust, and confusion follows shortly after. Why would someone choose to take on more than full-time, especially whilst also juggling work and extra-curricular commitments?

I wish I could say that I was compelled by the pursuit of knowledge, but it is simply because I’m studying concurrent degrees. Concurrent degrees are different from a double degree: it means studying multiple degrees that have not been approved as a double degree. It was calculated by the University that my program would have taken me 6-7 years to study without overloading but I’m completing it in 5. Though finishing your degree quicker is not always the reasoning behind it: I know others who have overloaded due to study plan reasons, such as finishing a prerequisite class by a certain semester.

So what was my experience?

I am an advocate for overloading on topics if—and only if—you can handle it. I’m sure there are many people out there who love studying, or who are great at managing their time, and overloading would work just fine. Or sometimes it makes sense to get your degrees completed faster.

But generally? It’s a big no from me. As is the case when you take on any extra commitments, you must sacrifice time. I often felt that taking on more study was counter-intuitively taking on less study, since I could not fully dedicate myself to each class.

This semester I have already felt less overwhelmed with my study load. Granted, I have chosen to fill the gap in my schedule with more work hours and more volunteering… but I have also been able to focus more on my hobbies! Also, it is refreshing to not be inundated by too many topics. For instance, one semester I had studied a language, English and varied Media topics, and it was hard to always stay in the mindset of one class when I was constantly swapping which subject I was working in.

Ultimately, I’m very glad that my study plan allows for me to study a normal load this semester. Though I am supposed to be overloading again for my final semester… but let’s not talk about that right now. 

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