Tidying up my room

An organised desk

I find it can be hard to keep a tidy space when the week gets away from me. A few days into the daily grind and my jackets and socks begin to accumulate on the floor and the overflowing recyclables start to appear.

Having a disorderly space is something I am very prone to. I always struggle to set up routines and habits that help keep my space organised. One thing I am trying to do is set aside a cleaning day. I am trying to force myself to spend just a couple of hours a week where I do a load of washing, a quick vacuum, clean up the floor and make my bed. It can be difficult to get myself into the right frame of mind to do this but once I am, I am ready to go and there is no stopping me.

Looking out into my room and seeing it clean and orderly helps me feel productive and more positive about my day. I have always heard that if you make your bed you will have a more productive day. Whether this is a placebo or not, I have tried it and it is usually a good place to start when I am trying to motivate myself to be organised.

One recurring problem I have is dumping clothes on the ground or stuffing them back into my drawer. This usually happens when I constantly change my mind on what I am going to wear that day. It also happens when I come back home tired, take my jacket off and just dump it on the couch. There is one thing that helps me combat this… Coat Hangers! If I ever feel the urge to just dump a piece of clothing I have to stop myself and say 'no'! It goes in the washing basket or up on a coat hanger, not the floor.


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