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Guilty leisure 

Cat sleeping on a bed.

Have you ever really taken a break?

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Tidying up my room

An organised desk

Tidy home, tidy mind. So why do I always find my room in a mess?

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Managing waste & my plastic problems

A sustainability diagram

My bin has been looking so full of single use soft plastic and other rubbish. It’s got me thinking, how can I use less plastic and waste less?

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Tips for de-cluttering your workspace

Here are my tips to clear your desk in order to clear your mind and create a productive space that I’m almost certain leads to a more productive life.

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Sometimes the amount of stuff that I collect or store away in a cupboard sneaks up on me and before I know it, I need to de-clutter. 

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The organiser

It can be tough to find yourself as the ‘organiser’ for events and activities.

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A mission to cook more

I struggle to stay organised in my approach to cooking, but now, I’m committing to getting better at planning my meals and snacks.

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The benefits of de-cluttering your wardrobe

I recently realised my wardrobe was overstuffed and in need of a de-clutter, so I set out to restore it to its once organised state. Here's why you should do the same. 

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