The organiser

I love being the ‘organiser’. I love finding new and fun things to do and making sure I can get a big group of friends to tag along with me. I love making community and making people feel involved and valued. However, the flip side to this are all the tedious organisational matters.

With the responsibility as the ‘organiser’ comes all the time table planning and appeasing conflicting schedules and priorities. This is somewhat tricky and I can find it stressful and disheartening when I am trying to plan something fun to do with everyone.

I have slowly been learning that to effectively plan something and relieve as much of a burden on myself as possible, I need to be really clear and direct. I have always taken a very go with the flow kind of approach to catching up with friends and having fun, but when there is something particular I want to do I am finding that it is better to be clear and direct about it.

I have also always tried to consult everyone and see what dates, times, activities, duration work for everyone. This always turns into a bit of a disaster. Everyone has their own busy things going on in life. Due to this everyone has preferred times and dates for catching up which can make things challenging to plan.

With this in mind I am trying to set a restricted time, date and activity and just put it out there to see who is free. With a bit of notice and planning things usually sort themselves out and everyone comes together. Learning to plan more effectively is hopefully something I can continue to work on. This way I can keep having fun and doing lots of different activities whilst avoiding too much stress and time wasting as the ‘organiser’.   

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