Getting even older

Someone asked me if they were allowed to come into the tutorial room. I shrugged and said, “beats me”. They looked surprised, and said “Oh, so you’re not…” I smiled at them and shook my head. I’ve never been mistaken for a tutor before, it was a pretty weird experience. It made me realise I’m not as young as I used to be.

In my head I’m still a uni student. I mean, I AM still a uni student, but only just. In my head, I’m still as much a uni student as I was last year and the year before. Except… I’ve graduated one of my degrees, I’m an alumni. I don’t have long before I’m not a uni student at all.

When did that happen? I didn’t give time permission to make me older, and for there to be a reasonable expectation that I graduate! It feels like time slipped by. What have I done with myself? This year: I’ve done a placement, survived a pandemic, run some projects. I guess that’s something

I think it’s good just to take some time to update my perception of myself, so I don’t look in the mirror one day when I’m 50 and really lose my mind. I am getting older, and if I want to have done something I just need to go out and start doing it.

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