The benefits of de-cluttering your wardrobe

I pride myself on being quite an organised person: I don’t like clutter, I don’t like hoarding, and my preference is always minimalism over excess. 

All that said, while tidying my room over the Easter long weekend, I was struck by the realisation that, actually, things weren’t as ‘streamlined’ as I’d thought them to be. Drawers were getting difficult to close properly, and I could no longer pretend that my hanging wardrobe “just needed a tidy,” when, in fact, it was truly overstuffed and on the verge of tipping sideways. No, I had to face facts: I was entering hoarder territory. 

Luckily, wardrobe maintenance is the perfect task for a Saturday in self-isolation, so I wasted no time. I emptied every single drawer, separated every coat-hanger, and dusted off every shoebox and began to methodically work my way through each corner of my closet, separating items into three categories: things to keep, things to donate to charity, and things to dispose of in a clothing bin (much more sustainable than a regular bin, you can find one near you here).

As I suspected, there was a lot of stuff that I’d held onto for far too long, including things I didn’t even remember that I ownedSeveral coffees and Sex and the City episodes later, I’d managed to restore my wardrobe to its former uncluttered state. It turned out to be a good way to re-acquaint myself with some pieces that I love but don’t wear enough, as well as a reminder to stop buying clothes on a whim, and instead get creative with things I already own.

So, if you’re looking for something to do on a quiet Saturday afternoon, I’d highly recommend a wardrobe de-clutter. You’ll not only feel more organised but might also re-discover some outfits you forgot existed. 

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